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Sequenex is a platform and product development company focused specifically on the diabetes and connected device industry. We design, develop and sustain software systems that are purpose built for innovation, connectivity and interoperability.

SaMD Industry News

CGMs and Menopause: An Open Niche for SaMD

Blood sugar is greatly affected by hormone changes, especially those that occur during menopause. Here we examine this relationship and discuss the potential uses for continuous glucose monitors (CGM) in premenopausal and menopausal women.

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Diabetes Product Development

We leverage an Agile methodology and focus on building out highly flexible frameworks. All of this -- combined with our extensive CGM, pen, pump and regulatory/quality domain knowledge --allows for the rapid development and delivery of innovative diabetes products.


Our highly skilled mobile engineers analyze product requirements to implement solutions. Distributed Agile development is leveraged to deliver as efficiently as possible in multi-corporate, multi-platform, multi-ecosystem environments.


Sequenex develops cloud solutions that are Identity-enabled. We distribute microservice architectures that are secure and scalable. A security and test-first Agile mindset are key to enabling Sequenex’s customer needs.

Medical IOT

We connect insulin pens, pumps, BG meters, CGM and more to create interoperable solutions that enable people with diabetes to better manage their health.

Identity Management

Sequenex are Identity Management specialists and can help you take advantage of your IdP’s full capabilities or advise you on choosing a provider that is right for you.

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