AI and Machine Learning in Wearable Sensor Technology

Integrating AI and machine learning into wearable device development brings a slew of new opportunities to the MedTech market. But in order to find success, developers must understand the benefits and challenges associated with building AI-powered products.

The Rapidly Evolving Diabetes Technology Ecosystem

The diabetes technology ecosystem is growing at unprecedented rates with advanced technology that will help millions live longer, healthier lives. But sustaining this growth will require input from innovative software and medical device companies with a goal of creating interoperable solutions.

CGM Use for Mental Health Treatment and Care

There is a strong connection between mental health and blood sugar trends. Utilizing continuous glucose monitors to track blood sugar levels in relation to emotional and cognitive symptoms could provide a useful treatment avenue for patients and care teams.

How Connected Devices are Shaping Medical Technology

The connected device industry is growing rapidly with many opportunities for innovation within chronic disease treatment and support. In this article, we look at what connected devices are and how they work and discuss real-life examples from the medical world.

CGMs and Hormones: Opportunities in the Wearable FemTech Market

Blood sugar levels change in response to hormone fluctuations in the body, making CGMs the perfect tool for detecting hormone issues in real time. Find out how menstrual hormones affect glucose levels and what opportunities exist for CGM-connected apps in the FemTech market.