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Meet Sequenex at this Year’s ADA Scientific Sessions

Sequenex is heading to the 2023 American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions in June. Stop by our booth to learn about our services and find out how we can help your company develop innovative connected software solutions.

Sequenex, the leader in software and SaMD for the diabetes and connected devices markets, will once again be participating in the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions. We are excited, as always, to be a part of the world’s largest, most prestigious meeting on all things diabetes. We invite you to stop by our booth and learn how we are significantly expediting mobile and cloud app delivery with our continuous-delivery, continuous-compliance software development process.

About the 2023 ADA Scientific Sessions

The 2023 ADA Scientific Sessions will offer researchers, healthcare professionals, and diabetes software and technology companies the unique opportunity to come together to share knowledge about the current diabetes landscape and the future of the industry. Participants will learn about advancements and breakthroughs made through the past year as well as those soon to come with exclusive access to more than 190 sessions.

Participants are also invited to join in over 2,000 original research presentations and peruse the participant booths to meet diabetes experts and expand their professional networks by engaging with other diabetes-focused companies.

This year’s conference will be held June 23-26 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. Not only is San Diego the home of Sequenex, but it is the base of operations for many major diabetes tech companies, including Tandem and Dexcom.

Theme areas for this year’s sessions include:

  • Acute and Chronic Complications
  • Behavioral Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Education, and Exercise 
  • Clinical Diabetes/Therapeutics 
  • Epidemiology/Genetics 
  • Immunology/Beta-Cell Replacement 
  • Insulin Action/Molecular Metabolism 
  • Obesity/Integrated Physiology 
  • Islet Biology/Insulin Secretion

Where to Find Us

Sequenex is excited to once again be joining the ADA Scientific Sessions this year. At our booth, you will learn more about our services in the diabetes and connected tech industry. You can also find out more about our past projects and how we can help your company develop highly scalable innovative software solutions built for connectivity and interoperability.

We have always enjoyed the networking opportunities offered by ADA events and look forward to meeting all the amazing companies and researchers at this year’s sessions. You can find us at booth 1724, between Dexcom and Esperion Therapeutics. We look forward to seeing you there!

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