Advancements & Opportunities in Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Current research into improving the accuracy and usability of continuous glucose monitors has left few stones unturned. From sweat-based sensors to contact lenses, boundless opportunities are waiting to be explored in this arena. Find out which of those opportunities holds the most promise and how your company can capitalize on advancements in this technology.

New Trends in Wearable Medical Devices

From patches that can sense multiple metabolic and hemodynamic parameters to CGMs meant for non-diabetics, wearable medical devices are entering a new phase. Here, we look at current products in the works and what else might be on the horizon.

Global Harmonization of Med-Tech Quality Guidelines

Creating medical technology for the world market requires meeting various regulations set forth by different governing bodies. Here we look at how global harmonization of med-tech quality guidelines has made this process easier and where divergences still exist.

Glucose Monitoring Smartwatches: 2021 May Finally be the Year

Two companies are currently working on the long-awaited glucose-monitoring smartwatch. Both promise release dates in late 2021. In this article, we look at what it will take to launch these products and the expected impact they’ll have on the diabetes technology market.