Using Software Emulators to Expedite Product Delivery

Software emulators provide a virtual world to test software-hardware interactions to reduce risks and expedite development. Find out what emulators are and what other advantages they hold for your medical device company.

Medical Tech Software Safety and IEC 62304

IEC 62304 is an important standard for the planning, development, and launching of safe medical software and software-based medical devices. Find out how this functional software lifecycle standard helps deliver safe medical tech that aligns with national regulations.

The Importance of Agile Development in SaMD

To succeed in the ever-evolving medical technology and SaMD landscape you need a development process that’s flexible, less risky, and capable of producing superior products. Find out how Agile software development does that and more.

Developing SaMD in Conformance with ISO 13485

ISO 13485 provides valuable guidance to create effective quality management systems for your medical technology company while ensuring compliance with global regulations. Find out everything you need to know about this QMS standard and how you can use it to help your SaMD company.

Component Architecture: A Necessity for SaMD Development

Component architecture provides a flexible, versatile framework for medical technology while lowering risk. Given how quickly the med tech world is evolving, building software with these kinds of characteristics is a must. Find out what component architecture is and why it’s the only option for SaMD and medical software companies.

New Trends in Wearable Medical Devices

From patches that can sense multiple metabolic and hemodynamic parameters to CGMs meant for non-diabetics, wearable medical devices are entering a new phase. Here, we look at current products in the works and what else might be on the horizon.

The What, Why, and How of Diabetes-Tech Interoperability

In today’s market, diabetes technology needs to come with a high degree of interoperability. In this article, we look at what interoperability is, why it is so important, and how you can create software and devices readymade to connect.