AI and Machine Learning in Wearable Sensor Technology

Integrating AI and machine learning into wearable device development brings a slew of new opportunities to the MedTech market. But in order to find success, developers must understand the benefits and challenges associated with building AI-powered products.

GDPR Considerations When Developing MedTech and SaMD

GDPR compliance is necessary not only to launch your device or SaMD in the EU market but to ensure the safety and privacy of your user’s data. Find out what the key principles of this regulation are and how to integrate them into your product’s lifecycle.

The Rapidly Evolving Diabetes Technology Ecosystem

The diabetes technology ecosystem is growing at unprecedented rates with advanced technology that will help millions live longer, healthier lives. But sustaining this growth will require input from innovative software and medical device companies with a goal of creating interoperable solutions.

Using Software Emulators to Expedite Product Delivery

Software emulators provide a virtual world to test software-hardware interactions to reduce risks and expedite development. Find out what emulators are and what other advantages they hold for your medical device company.